worship is taking place
in some unexpected places
in Brampton

In parking lots, light industrial boxes, and strip malls.

< 2004

Policy required residential developers to reserve a portion of the land for religious institutions under "dual zoning." If the land is not taken up within three years, it can be used to build houses.

However, the reserved land was too small for large religious institutions and too expensive for smaller religious groups.

Places of worship were disallowed in land uses other than residentially zoned areas.

2004: Brampton initiated a review of its zoning policy for Places of Worship.

This is a land use map of Brampton.

Here, we can see the locations of places of worship.

In Brampton, many of the places of worship exist in unexpected places.

Many of them are in residential neighbourhoods,

And many are in employment lands.

Diversity can be found in the wide range of religious groups and denominations.

These clusters show us where retail clusters have emerged around places of worship.

Torbram Dr + N park Dr